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Here at Hosting4Writers.com, you get full-featured hosting for your site for one low price -- $38 for 1 whole year! There are no set-up fees.

  • Annual Plan: $38

  • Semi-Annual Plan (6 months): $26

  • Quarterly Plan (3 months): $18

We don't skimp on features even if we keep our prices low. In fact, we give you all the tools you need to establish yourself and your words on the World Wide Web.

Hosting4Writers.com caters only to writers, authors and freelancers. We provide hosting to writers, authors and freelancers who want to put up a web presence.

Clickbank.com is our payment processor of choice. It's a fast, reliable and secure way of ordering online.

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Please only fill up the form below if you're a writer, author or freelancer and your intended site is writing/writer-related. Otherwise, you will be refunded and your account will not be set up. (Hint: It's obvious whom we cater to just by looking at our company name -- Hosting4Writers.com!)

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